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TV Asahi Kyoryuger official photos every Friday, if nothing goes wrong.
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Brave 13 Photos from the TV Asahi Kyoryuger Official Site.
Captions (Please help with translations):
1. 恋の助っ人のため不良生徒にふんしたイアン&ウッチー。でも、ちょっと時代が…
Ian and Ucchi, pretending to be bad school bullies to help Rin in her love. However, one of them got the era wrong….

2. 奥手な学生役のノッさんと、憧れの女学生役のダイゴ。なかなかイケてるでしょ?
Nossan, playing the blunt student, and Daigo, playing the attractive girl. Somehow it goes well with them, huh? 

3. ラッキューロが読んでいた漫画誌「少女こずみっく」。
"Shoujo Cosmic", the comic Luckyuro was reading.

4. (In the picture -
Centre - Okki; Top left - Oomori-senpai; Top - Gouichi-san; Right - Nosomi; Bottom left - Shiitsu; Bottom right Puka-chan + Macchi 
Basically what I have gathered is :
1. Okki, the protagonist loves Oomori-senpai, but he treats her like a younger sister.
2. Okki’s best friends with Nosomi.
3. Oomori-senpai is friends with Gouichi-san.
4. Shiitsu loves Oomori-senpai too, but he thinks of her as just another energetic student.
5. Okki hates Shiitsu. 
The synopsis is about Okki deciding to invite Oomori-senpai on a date. But there are ‘bugs’ hindering them. It also includes ‘Shudder when you read this <3 ‘)
オッキーの恋の行方が気になる! 実は、登場人物の名前には秘密が…
It’s intriguing how Okki’s love love go? In fact, a secret is hidden in the characters’ names ….

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